11 February 2014

Review | Enrapture Encode Totem Styler

 A few months ago (back in October) one of my fave bloggers Lucy from Beauty and the Blogger was hosting a competiton to win an Enrapture Encode Totem Styler which I won!!I had been lusting after one of these for ageeees after seeing many reviews by some of my favourite bloggers. The Encode Totem Styler is different for your normal curling tong as it has 3 heat zones that you control using the dial these vary from 1 -3 (1 being the coolest 3 the warmest). As if that wasn't enough unlike curling tongs with a big flipper to clip your hair in this has a mini flipper. Meaning it can be used as both a tong and a wand.
Its made of titanium which means your hair wont get caught and also that it heats up super fast, something I didn't realise the first time I used it and was looking for how long it took but its literally seconds. It also has a super long cable which comes in really handy, especially when your using it as a wand, the cable also rotates making it much easier to maneuver around your head ( if that even makes sense).
This is genuinely the best hair tool ever!! I usually use my GHD's to curl my hair as tongs even though quicker never kept the curl in and my GHD's even struggled to keep my super straight hair curly. BUT THIS! Honestly my hair stays curly the whole day and has a slightly more wavy look if I was to keep it for a second day. That is amazing for me as my hair usually falls out within a few hours! It's also really easy to use ans I actually prefer using it as a wand some days as it takes me about 15 minutes to do my whole head. If you don't have one you need one!!

1-2-3 wand
1-1-1 flipper
I usually use 1-2-3 and it as a wand as in the first picture and it adds so much volume to the top of may hair but gives me the nice curly look I want. As you can see 1-1-1 is a much more relaxed loose big wave style.

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  1. Your hair looks so pretty! <3


  2. This gave you some really nice curls. What a great thing to win!

    Raise The Waves

  3. I already have a remington curling wand, but it doesn't always give me the curls I want so this looks so good! Definitely need to put this on my wishlist x


    1. You should definitely try it out its so good the heat settings let you do so many different things! x

  4. your hair looks lovely with the curls :)
    congrats on winning !

    1. This is the first thing thats actually kept my curls in so i am in love! xx


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