09 February 2014

Skincare Sunday | Dead Sea Premier Problematic Skin Mask Review

Dead Sea Premier was a brand I had never really heard all that much about before but when at The Girls Day out my Mum, Sister and I were having a browse and I was attracted to this mask. It is the Problematic skin mask. I was really interested in at as at the time I was prone to breakouts etc and this has claims of increasing hydration, rejuvinating the skin and promoting optimum balance. All of which sounded perfect for during breakouts when my skin would become increasingly oily.
I used this 4 times a week and my skin really improved and combined with other skincare I had stopped  getting breakouts. However, after that my skin developed new problems and it was a while before I realised my skin was actually dehydrated and I have very bad redness that has been getting worse recently. I remembered this mask that is a hidden gem in my bathroom. It contains a lot of dead sea mineral and other vitamins such as A and E as well as beta carotene and rose oil. I already know that Rose is amazing for calming the skin and reducing redness and it has the added benefit of hydration for my dehydrated skin. I am currently using this at least once a week just when I feel my skin needs that extra boost and when my redness gets a little out of hand. Its quite a thick creamy mask and also comes with a spatula to take product out which keeps the tub hygienic, I leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. It leaves my skin feeling super plumped up and hydrated and softer than a baby's bum as well as really reducing any redness I have, which is also perfect for breakouts as well!
It is pricey at over £90 but you do get 150ml and it is also on sale on amazon at just £26.99 (here) I'm considering stocking up for that price!

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  1. Love the look of this, it's sounds perfect for my skin


  2. Ah, I really wanna try that product!
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