07 March 2014

Beauty | Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Highlighter Rose Illumination

(Left natural light and right with flash)

 Today I am sharing with you what is possibly the most GORGEOUS highlighter ever Elizabeth Arden Rose Illumination! I am in love with it and that is no over exaggeration. This is actually from Elizabeth Arden's Spring 2013 Rose Aurora collection. I am not usually one for Elizabeth Arden products as nothing has ever really taken my fancy but when I saw this on Fleur de Force I knew it was love and try as I did I couldn't get it online or on any counter near me! This didn't stop with my obsession over it I would google it just to look at pictures of it's lovely rose gold-ness and even found out the Duchess of Cambridge herself uses it SOLD! I was swithering over getting it on feel unique or not. I was in TKMaxx just before Christmas and I spotted the packaging and knew it was the limited edition collection I went straight over seen "Rose Illumination Pure Finish Highlighter" and I was at the checkout quicker than I make my order in Nando's. There was no price tag on it but I didn't care and the woman at the checkout had no idea of the price so she picked up one of the foundations priced at £4.50 and put it through! BARGAIN of my life! Now enough of my rambling onto the highlighter..
The packaging is rose gold and looks so expensive and is surprisingly heavy I love the big mirror inside as well, there really is nothing worse than a tiny mirror in a product and the click close mechanism is perfect for being able to chuck it in my makeup bag. The highlighter itself is the same gorgeous rose gold colour as the packaging, its a gorgeous pink gold colour that looks different in certain lights. It also contains an amazing 10g of product, comparable to the size of Mac MSF's. It has a very finely milled powder texture and there is very little to no fall out when using this, I tend to just tab it on my cheekbones with my finger as opposed to using a brush to minimise fall out. The swatches honestly do not do it justice it really has such a multidimensional glow to it and it so so gorgeous on the cheekbones. I tend to not use any other shimmer based products when using this as it really is so gorgeous alone.
I honestly wasn't a big highlighter person minus my liquid ones and using a light foundation/concealer to contour and highlight but this has completely changed my opinion of them!
I would honestly say check out your local TKMaxx if you have been looking for this or other limited edition collections. The Rose Illumination is no longer availible on Feel Unique but I have seen it on Amazon and Ebay!

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  1. Wow can't believe you got it for £4.50 what a great deal! Xx


  2. Oh my god I need this in my life! And £4.50 for such an expensive looking blush is such a good bargain!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Yeah its an amazing highlighter! It was such a bargain!

  3. Fantastic bargain! The packaging and colour look goregous! <3
    LouLovesbeauty xxxx

    1. I know I couldn't believe it when I seen it! xx

  4. This looks like a great product! I love its color with flash. ;) This is such a steal!


    1. I know I think the flash shows just how different it is!


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