12 March 2014

One Direction Our Moment Eau De Parfum

 So many of you might not know this but One Direction are my guilty pleasure, at 22 its not something I don't go on about all that often but for those who know me know that they are usually playing full blast on my iphone and when they come on the radio I can't help but sing a long. I am obsessed, my boyfriend even bought me the calendar.
So it should have came as no surprise to me that at Christmas along with opening my Chanel perfume I also found this from my Mum, she always likes to get funny presents. I will be the first to admit that even although I love the boys when I heard One direction were realeasing an Our Moment fragrance I was a firm believer it would smell cheap and dare I say it tacky, but the 1D fragrance is actually really nice!
The notes in it are fruity and floral with a hint of musk. Pink grapefruit, red currants and berries mixed with jasmine and frangipani and woody tones of musk and patchouli. It is a sweet smelling perfume with the fruityness hitting you first and then you get the more substantial florals and musks. It's one you can definitely smell when you have it on and some people will definitely ask you what it is. The bottle and packaging is definitely directed towards their target market of young girls, its pink, hexagonal and has a crown and pink tulle as the stopper. It wouldn't look out of place on many people's dressing tables but for some might be a bit tacky. The longevity of our moment even though its an eau de parfum isn't all that long as it does start to wear off after about 2 hours, that is my only negative but considering the price point I'd say its pretty good!
 There is also news that 1D are releasing a new limited edition version "That Moment" the bottle is much the same but a matte pink and the crown stopper has a crystal in place of the tulle. Harry actually broke the news on his own youtube and said it would be a twist on the original fragrance with green apple and violets. I can see this one being a sell out too!

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