16 April 2014

Lifestyle | My Pandora Bracelet

I've always loved Pandora bracelets and I think they are super pretty. I probably get this from my Mum who owns 2 silver bracelets, 2 of the leather ones and well god knows how many charms. Back in the Christmas of 2012 my boyfriend along with my help, of course, got me a Pandora.

 He got me the bracelet, the 2 hearts clips and the purple heart charm in the middle, neither of us even realized we had all the hearts going on! I think in a year and a half of having my bracelet I have done pretty well for myself and it does have a kind of love/fairytale theme to it which wasn't deliberate.

After Christmas I bought the little fairy charm and the charm safety chain as well. I adore the little fairy she is so dainty and has a little gold love heart. My boyfriend then got me the teddy bear charm for my birthday, the girls at Pandora have since told me he made a very good choice because this little guy as well as being super cute is limited edition!

Next onto the bracelet were the 2 purple glass charms and the key to my heart charm with it's golden key, I wanted this one for so long and I was super chuffed to have it on my bracelet. Then as an anniversary present I got the fairy tale book charm, this one has such a gorgeous intricate design and I love it. Then for Christmas I got a little guy I'd been after since I first set eyes on him, the frog prince, with his little golden crown.

I think Pandora are the perfect gift! I always have something I can buy my Mum when I can't think of anything as she is always happy to receive more charms as am I. I am always chuffed to get a charm especially when someone has took the time to pick out one they think suits you, through the vast range of charms they have. I cannot wait until my bracelet is full.

A few tips I would give to anyone with or thinking of getting a Pandora. First make sure you have clips, you might think these are unnecessary but they really aren't. They clip over the little screw bits on your bracelet to keep charms in a certain area and stop your charms sliding over and ruining the screw bits inside them meaning they get stuck on your bracelet.
Get a safety chain, when I got one I thought it was pointless as when I unclipped my bracelet it just slid right off my wrist. Now my bracelet is a lot fuller it really does make your bracelet much safer!
When it is not on your wrist put it in that nice padded box you got with it, this stops it getting scratched on surfaces and keeps it looking good and safe.
Also remember to keep your receipts safe as these are a warranty for your charms, one year for silver and longer for gold and my Mum has had to use it before and the service was amazing

The Pandora bracelets cost £55 and charms can range from £20 up to over £100 so there is something for everyone! Check them all out on the website here

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  1. I love your bracelet! I have a LoveLinks one which I am slowly filling up, am trying to stick with white and silver beads, then a few coloured ones to match different outfits. I have to say I really do love it, especially as I get a discount through my place of work! x


    1. That sounds great, I just seem to have fallen into a little theme haha!

  2. I love your Pandora bracelet, I don't have near as many charms as you do, but all of yours are really pretty! I'm having a little proud Danish moment right now with Pandora :)
    Tanja Mortensen

    1. I love mine but I save ot for special occasions and such like as I am terrified of anything happening to it! xx

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