09 April 2014

March Favourites

 It's the 9th of April and I am only just doing my march favourites I know, I know, bad blogger. The start of April is always busy for me and it was my birthday as well, there will be more on that coming soon.
I'm not one of those people that does a monthly favourites every month just purely because often there would only be one or two different things.However throughout March I have been mixing it up and enjoying using some forgotten products, I think with it being the start of spring we always mix up what make up we are using much like our wardrobes. I've been going brighter and wearing more sheer coverage foundations as well and I have been loving it!

First up is the Bare Minerals Next Big Thing palette, I seriously have so much love for this, it was part of their spring summer collection last year but it never got any use and has just sat in a drawer. I don't think there has been a day recently where I haven't used this, the colours are percfect for both day and night and I love the golden shimmer as well. I have a full review of the palette here and it is still availible at feel unique to buy!

Lancome's Mineral Mat Star Bronzer, this might be my favourite bronzer ever. I'm not big on bronzers mostly using contouring products and avoiding bronzers as many are shimmer based. However this Lancome number is matte meaning its perfect for using with my contouring to add a little more warmth to my face. I was actually matched to the shade 3 Natural Bronze, this is the darkest and I was really surprised but it is a gorgeous colour and I honestly can't stop using it!you can have a look at it in action in my Valentines makeup look post.  

My makeup bargain of the year definitely has to be my march favourite and its another product from the 2013 spring collections. Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Highlighter in Rose Illumination. Its a gorgeous rose gold coloured highlighter with a very fine shimmer. I pop a little on my cheekbones before blusher and it just adds that extra glow to my face. There is a full review here and this was also featured in my Valentine's makeup look. 

I have been using 2 lipsticks A LOT this month, the first of these is the Bourjois Shine in 1,2,3 soleil. this is a gorgeous sheer orange/coral colour that adds a light wash to the lips for those like me who can't brave a full on orange. There is a full review of the formula here. The second is the Loreal Rouge Caresse in Impulsive Fuchsia, a bright blue toned purple pink. This also has a sheer formula and adds a nice pop of colour to the lips, perfect for spring! There is a full review here and these have also featured in my best of 2013 post as well!

There is one mascara that completely stands out for me and I just cannot stop using it! That is the Collection Does It All Mascara, I've spoke about how amazing this is before and how it is even better than the Benefit The're Real. I won't rant on about it so you can read about that here.

Last makeup wise is the Revlon PhotoReady foundation! I bought this purely because I had heard some mixed reviews and some people saying it was a dupe for the Makeup Forever HD foundation. I love a good  dupe so I got it. I love the sheer coverage and its definitely been my most used foundation!

Onto skincare, there has been one real standout product this month and that is the Avene soothing hydrating serum. It's really been helping my sensitive skin out and providing me with some much needed moisture! You can read my full thoughts here.

Victoria's Secret Love Spell is my favourite out of all the VS sprays its just so yummy and fresh and floral but fruity and sweet at the same time. For a body spray these have some serious longevity and people often ask what perfume I'm wearing when it's just this! If like me you don't live in London and have access to the amazing treats a VS store has to order, you can snap these up on Ebay and Amazon!

Last is Marc Jacobs Daisy, my Boyfriend got me this at Christmas and he actually picked it out all on his own and he did well as I have always prefered the EDP to the EDT of Daisy. This is such a fresh and feminine fragrance, I know some of the Marc Jacobs fragrances can be aimed at younger girls but this one is definitely not I have been wearing it whenever I feel like having a nice fresh floral scent on.
I hope you like my favourites and let me know what products you can't live without this month!

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  1. I really want to try the Collection mascara, but I was a bit off put by the packaging. I think it looks a bit cheap!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I wouodn't be honestly it's an amazing mascara, the only thing is if you have oily skin I'd go for the waterproof version xx

  2. The Elizabeth Arden Blush looks amazing and I have to agree with the Collection Mascaras - for me they are absolutely some of my favourite mascaras and the prices of them are just so affordable you can't really go wrong!



  3. I Love Daisy Marc Jacobs - i've been using the fragrance the last few years and i'm still using it now! :)


  4. i really didnt think the bareminerals palettes were all that amazing they tend to have a lot of fallout but i do love the soothing hydrating serum it actually works which is great


    1. I know but I love the colours in this one I do find the glitter ones are the worst! xx


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