03 April 2014

The Quick, Easy and Cheap Contouring Product | Sleek Suede Effect Powder in Shade 2

Sleek Face Form Left, Sleek Suede Powder Right

 So if you have been reading my blog for a while you probably know, I have an addiction to contouring! If a product says its for contouring (looks good for contouring) I either already have it or it's on a very long list with all the ones I want. You can check out my Everyday Contouring and Contouring with Benefit Fake Up posts to see more.
For those days though when I can't be bothered don't have the time to use different coloured concealers and paint lines on my face like I'm putting on war paint, I turn to powder products to use after applying my base makeup. My go to for a while has been the Sleek Face Form Palette but the fact that I use the contour faster than the other 2 products means its not ideal all the time even though I love the highlighter and rose gold blush, I don't need another (just yet!). 
So I began a mission (maybe I do need the war paint contouring look for this part) I visited the biggest Superdrug near me and swatched everything at sleek that looked like it could be a dupe for the contour in the face form palette. Ladies and Gents we have a winner! The Suede effect pressed Powder instantly stood out to me, it had that same velvety to the touch feeling as the contour in the face form. Naturally I bought it right there and then, not just that a few other things but like you can go into Superdrug and walk out with just one thing.. I DARE YOU!
So I got it home and compared my fair face form with it and they looked really similiar, texture and finish wise they are identical. The Suede effect powder in shade 2 is just a little fraction lighter but I have a feeling shade 3 would have been a fraction too dark. This is my answer to quick, easy and subtle contouring that requires minimal effort. I place this in the hollow of my cheekbones up my temples and onto the sides of my forehead. It's also completely matte which I think is essential in any contouring product!
So if like me you love contouring or love the Sleek face form or contouring palettes try out the Suede Effect powder as I am pretty sure it is the same product and it's pretty healthy on your bank balance too!

The Sleek Suede Pressed Powder is available online for £6.99. 

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  1. I might have to give it a try:)

  2. omg...why I've never heard about this little treasure! Deffo on my shopping list! x


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