23 May 2014

A Forgotten Favourite | Loreal Rouge Caresse Dating Coral

You know one of those products you have, a sort of hidden hero that will always come to the rescue but otherwise get forgotten amongst new products only pulled out once in a while. Well that is what Loreal's Rouge Caresse range are to me. The texture of these lipsticks is super creamy and sheer almost like balms with a shot of full on colour. It wasn't until in a recent Beauty Bloggers chat someone mentioned these were getting discontinued that I remembered how much I loved them.

Dating Coral, for me as a pale girl meets the nude, my lips but better shade on the head! I'm not a nude lip wearer but this is my nod to it. It adds just the perfect touch of coral to brighten up your lips and complexion, instead of making me look like an early teen wearing concealer on my lips (not that I done this). The formula is amazing and reminds me of my beloved Chanel Rouge Coco shines but for a fraction of the price.

Fear not though I've already bought ALLL OF THEM from Boots online. Just kidding I bought a few back ups and a couple I haven't tried just incase the news is true and this formula will be gone forever, lets just hope they are repackaging!

What forgotten favourites do you have? Dig them out and let me know!

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  1. Love the shade of this, a really subtle coral!

  2. I love this shade, it really suits you :) xx

  3. This looks lovely on you. I thought it would be much more of a solid colour, but more of a hint really. x
    Rachel @ www.heartoceansecrets.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Oh, it's always like that, you start loving something and then they decide to discontinue it or change the formula. Why they do this?

  5. This is a really nice shade. Its so annoying when they discontinue your favourites
    Beth x


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