29 May 2014

Lancome Mineral Mat Star Bronzer in Naturel Bronze

So as a pale girl, bronzer is often something I find myself shying away from preferring to contour and use lighter colours. However I have always loved that sunkissed glow some girls manage to achieve so effortlessly (Blake Lively for one). Whenever I attempt it I either look like a massive glitterball or like I've been tangoed.

That was until I discovered this little beaut the Lancome Star Bronzer Mineral Mat in Naturel Bronze. This is actually the darkest colour but I trust the Lancome counter staff with my life and was assured this was perfect for me. Even after getting home I was pretty scared of this thinking of all my previous bronzer traumas.
However, as the name might suggest this is a lovely matte bronzer so no risk of looking like an orange glitterball and despite being the darkest it gives me the perfect tan like glow and is ever so subtle as well, on lazy days I do use this for a bit of contouring as well but I have been eyeing up the lightest colour for that!

The formula is really great and not too powdery at all and a little definitely goes a long way. I tend to just tap my brush on it, mostly because I didn't want to ruin the gorgeous design. As with all Lancome products it has that sort of signature perfumed scent, I find it pleasant and completely non offensive as you don't notice in when the bronzer is actually on. I was surprised just how sunkissed this bronzer makes you look considering it is matte it still seems to have some sort of glow to it in the formula itself.

Pakaging wise I love the brown sort of tortoishell look of it and the signature rose design which is actually sort of holographic. It's pretty sturdy as well as it has spent a lot of its life rolling around the bottom of my bag.

At the moment this is keeping me occupied from splurging on the limited edition golden riviera version of this if you haven't already seen it, it is probably the most beautiful bronzer ever created and I am not a bronzer girl!

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  1. After you saying that, "it is probably the most beautiful bronzer ever created and I am not a bronzer girl," I instantly had this extreme urge to get my hands on this bronzer. I'm currently looking for a good bronzer at the moment, and this seems to be answer! Thank you xx


  2. I have pale skin as well so I really shy away from any bronzers with shimmer in them! I haven't tried this one before though so I might give it a go, benefit Hoola is also a really good matte one. would love if you could check out my blog :)


  3. this sounds lovely :) and that packaging, yummy :)



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