11 May 2014

Skincare Sunday: Monu Brightening Boost*

Monu Brightening Boost £22.50 *

Monu is a professional skincare brand, who pride themselves in using ingredients derived from nature and bringing out your beauty by using the beauty around us, so to speak. I am familiar with the brand, their calming cream being my go to product when something upsets my sensitive skin. So when they offered me the chance to test out a product I was very excited.

The Monu Brightening Boost* arrived at my door I couldn't wait to start using it as it sounded amazing and makes some pretty big claims! Not only does it boost the skins brightness and give you more of a glow but it helps to reduce damage caused by sun exposure, improve skin tone, decrease wrinkle depth and hydrate for more plumped up skin.

I will be honest the mature and damaged skin benefits didn't appeal to me much as at 23 looking 19 I have few (visible) wrinkles and being very pale protecting my face using SPF has always been important. But who doesn't want more hydrated, plumped up and glowing skin? You can count me in!

The packaging is lovely and sleek and I love that the pump moves up as you use the product. I love the orange stripe on the instant radiance range as it matches the citrusy scent inside, which I find a nice touch. One pump of this is more than enough to cover for my whole face.
The Brightening Boost is a serum meaning you apply it before moisturiser/primer/foundation. I'ts not tacky or sticky making it the ideal base for makeup. I usually apply this then a pore minimising primer before foundation.

I have found that my skin has been a lot more radiant since using this and I feel that it adds more of a glow to my face that I can even notice through my usual makeup. I also love this on no makeup days as it gives a glow to my face and makes me look less like a vampire.

All in all a great skincare product that I have really been enjoying and noticing the benefits of!

The Monu Brightening Boost is £22.50 and can be bought online!

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