14 June 2014

Skincare Sunday | S5 Calm Serum

S5 was a brand I hadn't really heard much about they are of course a skincare brand and the first range of certified organic cosmeceuticals. The brand itself was developed by the people behind NUDE skincare and is designed to protect and help your skin combat the stresses it faces most. S5 actually stands for source 5 as the 5 main stress factors on skin can be combated by using natural ingredients from the 5 harshest ecosystems on earth. Yes my inner biology geek is loving this! So basically the plants that can survive in that area can help your skin combat the stresses it faces. Making your skin go from reactive to resillient by harnessing the benefits of these natural ingredients.

I have been testing out the S5 Calm Serum for redness and sensitive skin*, which is jampacked with marine bioactives that help reduce the appearance of persistent redness and skin hyper reactivity. The main ingredients are Sea Fennel Peptides said to decrease the apperance of capillaries, skin flushing, thread veins and redness. Desert glycoproteins produced by a bacteria that increases skin hydration and stabilises the skin against stress and Sea Mayweed which has been clinically proven to decrease skin stress and soothe irritation and reduce redness by up to 20%. Quite impressive!

Next the packaging, for a pricey product the packaging is spot on, clean, simple and to the point with a lovely frosted glass bottle. It also comes with the dropper seperate and a screw on stopper making it easier for you to take this on your travels!

The consistency is kind of silky feeling, in between a gel and a cream. You are to apply gently to the face after cleansing as if you rub this serum in too quickly it does go from liquid to more cream, so small motions are the the best. It is quite strong smelling it reminds me of liquorice but I don't find it unpleasant in the slightest.

I have been using this for quite a while now and can definitely say I have seen a huge difference in the quality of my skin and this is the ultimate saviour when I have tested something out that hasn't quite agreed with my skin. It really is a gorgeous serum and well worth the investment for anyone who like me suffers from redness! They actually as I mentioned have a whole  host of products for different skin concerns so have a look at them too!

The S5 Calm Serum retails for £44 from S5

*This post contains PR samples

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  1. ooh I like the sound of this serum! I love trying new serums, but this is very pricy!

    Catherine x

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  2. This looks lovely! I've heard a lot about S5 recently but I haven't tried anything.

    Nikki and Things


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