23 July 2014

Life Lately: What I've Been Doing and Bloggers Block

I know I've been a little missing on the blog scene for a month now but it was time I definitely felt like I needed to take out for a few reasons. First up it's the time of year when work is super busy and I desperately need to get better organised. Secondly, lately I didn't have that drive to write posts, every time I started to it just felt forced and the last thing I want is for you, my readers to read something that I myself was not happy with. The Bloggers Block had struck.
However, I've now got the blogging bug back and hope to get back in my usual blogging swing!
I cured myself by just taking time for myself if that makes sense. Taking a step back from the computer and phone screen and enjoying life. Something I definitely think more of us could benefit from doing.
From going shopping on countless occasions with my sister to spending time with my boyfriend going on trips and just when I couldn't quite resist the laptop endless hours of watching gossip girl instead of glued to social media.
I think it's good for us to take a step back sometimes and what better way to get the blogging bug back than going out and doing things you want to blog about!

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