09 January 2015

2014 Beauty Favourites - Part 1 Skincare

It's that time of year again. The yearly favourites. The best of the best. Those products I just couldn't live without and have seriously impressed me.

First up is Skincare, since blogging and reading the skincare goddess that is Caroline Hirons I've started using a considerably more skincare products. This year my collection has increased and I have become somewhat a skincare junkie, needing every new serum there is. I'll stop waffling and just get onto my favourites.

I have went through a LOT this year, some good, some bad and some just amazing. The bareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser* falls into a whole category of its own. I initially received this as a press sample after testing out the bareSkin foundation. I love it so much I've bought another 2. I went without this for 2 weeks and I will be making sure that never happens again. It melts away makeup and leaves my skin feeling fresh, I cannot rave about this enough.

Liquid Exfoliator
Some I have tried this year are just too harsh for my sensitive skin, However I received the La Roche-Posay Clarifying Toner* (only available in the Effaclar set at the moment). This contains a BHA which is slightly less harsh, for me anyway, than AHA toners. I find it brightens my skin up and gives it that extra boost. I really hope this does become available to buy individually at some point as it is amazing!

Mrs Hirons is always saying to "spray hydrate" and that is the  purpose of the second toner. I'm not as fussy on these and there are a number I like but the Yours Truly Organics* is the one I've been reaching for. It feels and smells really refreshing.

Face Mask
Picking just one of these was almost impossible but I managed it. The Origins Clear Improvements mask. I like using one about twice a week that will rid my skin of all the junk especially because I work in one of the busiest areas in Glasgow. This acts like a magnet literally taking all the gunk out of my skin. Word of warning though you do look a little scary wearing it!

There was absolutely zero chance of me ever being able to narrow this down to just one, so 2 is pretty good I think. First up the Vichy Normaderm serum. I can't even explain how amazing this stuff is. But using this and a few other things I think has majorly contributed to the decrease in size of the craters on my nose (some of you probably call them pores). They are almost invisible and honestly I think this serum and Effaclar Duo have a lot to answer for.
The next is the S5 Calm Serum*. I used to have (touch wood) quite bad redness around my nose and on to my forehead but I think my skincare regimen and adding this little baby in when I need it has combatted that. It also smells like licorice so it's an all round winner.

Eye Cream
There seems to be a theme here and that is that I am very indecisive. Origins Ginzing and Vichy Idealia* eyes are my 2 absolute favourites this year. Before these came into my life Eye cream was just blah. They both have similar effects in that they have a sort of pearlescent sheen to them to brighten the eye area. I like to use vichy at night and Ginzing in the morning. The Ginzing has the added benefit of caffeine to waken up my eyes in the morning.

Day Cream
I clearly cannot get enough of Origins GinZing range, this moisturiser is my all time favourite.It is so light and refreshing on the skin. It really does have a zing to it that seems to waken your skin up.

Night Cream
Una Brennan Neroli Firming Night Cream this is super thick and hydrating for my skin and I wake up fresh faced in the morning. It's also packed full of lots of anti-aging ingredients (prevention is better than cure, right?)

That is it for my skincare favourites of 2014. I hope you have enjoyed them and leave some of your favourites in the comments. Part 2 - Makeup will be up tomorrow!

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  1. I need to try the Origins Ginzing. I am in desperate need of a decent eye cream! Anything that will make me look more awake in the mornings sounds perfect. Great post! x

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