14 January 2015

Only Fingers and Toes Nail Polishes

Just before Christmas I entered an Instagram competition run by luxury nail brand Only Fingers and Toes (OFAT) and I WON! I was so so so excited and literally couldn't wait for  this to arrive. I won the Edit collection with a twist that the lovely people over at OFAT picked out 6 colours they thought I would love and job well done because I do. There is also currently 40% off on the website OFAT So I think I'll be popping over for one or two!
The packaging of these is amazing and I love the sleek black with the bright orange inside. Each nail polish comes in a box like this only smaller if you get a single one but on the same lines.
Now onto the shades I have!

The perfect grey, its not as dark as other greys I've had but does require 2 coats to get the full effect.

Is a soft nude pink, I'm not usually a nude nail kinda gal but this is a lovely colour and is slightly darker than most nudes.

Rouge Noelle
The perfect classic red and OFAT describe it as a french red. Reds are definitely my favourite nail colours and this is a welcome addition to my nail collection.

I cannot even describe this colour it is a lustre colour. It has a base nude pink and a lovely lilac blue lustre through it.

Is a beautiful vivid, pastel lilac and is really gorgeous and bright on the nails. It's also apparently inspired by the gowns worn by early bond vixens.

Is one of the colours from the Elements collection. It is beautiful definitely my favourite. Its a sort of black whit a blue, green and burgundy undertone and packs of glitter. It looks totally different in certain lights and is such an amazing colour.

I am so glad I won these and they make a welcome addition to my dressing table. They are slighlty on the pricey side being a luxury brand but why not give them a try just now in the  40% off sale and see if you like them as much as me!

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  1. Oh wow! I've never heard of this brand before, but the polishes looks gorgeous! Stunning shades and the packaging is so chic! 'Nitrogen' is my favourite out of the six, but 'Catwalk' would be perfect for Spring!




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